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Snake illustration on grunge background. Design element.The Cobray Company was an American developer and manufacturer of submachine gunsautomatic carbineshandgunsshotgunsand non-lethal 37 mm launchers. These were manufactured by SWD. In the s and s, Cobray was a counter terrorist training center in addition to being an arms maker under the leadership of Mitch WerBell.

After some legal troubles, the company changed its name to Leinad Daniel spelled backwards and produced at least four new models which were designed to conform with the ban on assault weapons that was then in effect.

The owners of Leinad chose to change the company name and sell the company to Sylvia's son, Shane Arrington, because of the changes in the gun laws and the divorce of company founders Wayne and Sylvia Daniels. The Cobray Trademark is registered to a privately owned company in the US. They continue to manufacture parts and accessories, as well as multiple firearms. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Cobray Company Type. Soldier of Fortune. Paladin Press. Lethal Passage: The Story of a Gun. Jahn FTW Self Defense.

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Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Languages Add links. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Westhope, North DakotaU. Predominately U. PistolsShotgunsRiflesAutomatic Firearms.Remember Me? Results 1 to 11 of No serial number look up or anything. Does anyone have any info on this?

Any info is greatly appreciated! The first M12 pistol, serial numberwas recorded in SWD's records on 29 August ; the last documented serial number was 15 April SM12 pistols were marketed by several different Daniel operated companies, resulting in different markings.

Small magwell Closed bolt What exactly do you want to know? Originally Posted by Junkcollector. If you plan to keep it a while, buy spare firing pins. They tend to go thru them! Originally Posted by Adolf. Also how are the SWDs compared to the other manufacturers, leinad and fmj? Haven't shot it yet since the mag that I do have, the lips don't pinch closed enough to hold rounds. Originally Posted by jgio Sounds good! I am having a hard time finding parts and mags. Anyone know of a good source?

Or is my best bet for a good deal gun shows? Life is like a jar of jalapenos. What you do today can burn your ass tomorrow! If you shoot the M12, make sure to put a little blue Loctite on the firing pin set screw If it comes loose it will bind the bolt in the upper.

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I didn't care for so I tried the MPA 9 in 9mm. As "cool" looking as Macs are Attached Images. Last edited by MacMan; at PM.

All times are GMT The time now is AM. All rights reserved.The Military Armament Corporation Model 10officially abbreviated as " M10 " or " M ", [4] and more commonly known as the MACis a compact, blowback operated machine pistol that was developed by Gordon B. Ingram in It is chambered in either.

A two-stage suppressor by Sionics was designed for the MAC, which not only abated the noise created, but made it easier to control on full automatic although it also made the gun far less compact and concealable.

The M10 was built predominantly from steel stampings. The M10 has a telescoping boltwhich wraps around the rear face of the barrel. This allows a more compact weapon and balances the weight of the weapon over the pistol grip, where the magazine is located.

The M10 fires from an open boltand the light weight of the bolt results in a rapid rate of fire. In addition, this design incorporates a built in feed ramp as part of the trigger guard a new concept at the time and to save on cost the magazine was recycled from the M3 Grease Gun. The barrel is threaded to accept a suppressorwhich worked by reducing the discharge's sound, without attempting to reduce the velocity of the bullet. This worked well with the. At the suggestion of the United States Armythe suppressor also acted as a foregrip to inhibit muzzle rise when fired.

Ingram added a small bracket with a small strap beneath the muzzle to aid in controlling recoil during fully automatic fire. The original rate of fire for the M10 in. That of the 9mm is approximately rounds per minute, and that of the smaller MAC in.

Noting the weapon's poor precision, in the s International Association of Police Chiefs weapons researcher David Steele described the MAC series as "fit only for combat in a phone booth". This suppressor had a two-stage design, with the first stage being larger than the second. This uniquely shaped suppressor gave the MAC a very distinctive look.

It was also very quiet, to the point that the bolt could be heard cycling, along with the suppressed report of the weapon's discharge; however, only if subsonic rounds were used standard. The suppressor when used with a Nomex cover created a place to hold the firearm with the secondary hand, making it easier to control. During the s the United States placed restrictions on the export of suppressors, and a number of countries canceled their orders as the effectiveness of the MAC's suppressor was one of its main selling points.

This was one factor that led to the bankruptcy of Military Armament Corporation, another being the company's failure to recognize the private market.

The original Sionics suppressor is The term "MAC" is commonly used in unofficial parlance.

Cobray full-auto MAC-11 in 380ACP with and without suppressor

While the original M10 was available chambered for either. As the Military Armament Corporation was in bankruptcy, a large number of incomplete sheet metal frame flats were given serial numbers and then bought by a new company, RPB Industries.

Some of the previously completed guns which were already stamped with MAC, were then stamped with RPB on the reverse side, making it a "double stamp" gun. The BATFE insisted that all future semiautomatic firearms were to be manufactured with a closed-bolt design as the open-bolt semi-automatics were considered too easy to illegally convert to full automatic operation.

Wayne Daniel, a former RPB machine operator, purchased much of their remaining inventory and formed SWD, designing a new weapon which was more balanced, available either fully or semi-automatic with his new BATFE-approved closed bolt design. Today, while the civilian manufacture, sale and possession of post select-fire MAC and variants is prohibited, it is still legal to sell templates, tooling and manuals to complete such conversions.

The semiautomatic civilian pistol version of the MAC, which operates differently from its military counterpart, fell under the Assault Weapons Ban. The ban enacted various requirements that defined an assault weapon.

The MAC was named directly in the ban, [12] and it failed three of the requirements:. Additionally, the magazine capacity was 32 rounds. In response, Wayne Daniel redesigned the M by eliminating the threaded barrel and creating a new magazine release that would only allow the firearm to accept a new round magazine as the Assault Weapons Ban mandated.

Due to international arms embargoes of Apartheid South Africa, the country was forced to design and manufacture their own weapons. The weapon was intended for use by security forces. The manufacturing rights shifted from hand to hand several times during the years, passing from Mechem to Milkor Marketing and later to Truvelo Armoury, the current manufacturer as for The layout of this weapon is somewhat based on the Uzi submachine gun.The Model 10, aka the MAC 10, was manufactured in 9mm and.

The Model 11, aka the MAC 11, was a smaller. The diminutive guns were sold through Mr. Despite their RPM, the little guns are amazingly reliable.

For the Model 10, Mr. Ingram chose existing magazines, which in addition to insuring reliability reduced manufacturing costs. Both the 9mm and.

The management of MAC decided that they would alter the MAC and magazines, so that as-issued surplus magazines would not readily lock into the weapons, more or less forcing their customers to buy spare magazines from them. Although the questionable reliability of the Sten magazines was known to Ingram, the magazines were chosen due to the request of a customer.

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The deal never materialized and only a handful of the Model 10 submachine guns, all 9mm prototypes, were made that used the Sten magazine. Slight modifications were made to the magazines to adapt them for fit and function in the Model The Walther-type magazines were the primary units MAC supplied with the majority of their 9mm submachine guns.

Today, original round magazines for the 9mm MAC 10 can be difficult to find and expensive. The follower springs are oval or round in shape.

cobray logo

The markings are generally found on the front edge of the magazine body. According to original MAC documents, the letters and numbers were used as controls, while testing magazines of various lots and configurations feed lips, springs etc. Every machine gun owner has to have a LOT of magazines for their weapons. Because of the 9mm MAC 10 magazine situation a few innovative companies have devised solutions to the problem.

The Uzi Magazine Conversion To address the shortage and expense of original Walther-type magazines for the 9mm Model 10, the Uzi magazine-well conversion was conceived. The down side of the conversion is that it requires cutting off the original magazine well and welding the Uzi grip assembly onto the receiver.

cobray logo

To complete the conversion, a. This conversion semi-permanently converts a 9mm MAC 10 to a. If the owner wants the option to fire 9mm rounds, there are kits available to convert.

cobray logo

For the. Unmodified magazines would not lock up in the Model The government surplus magazines were modified and stamped with the Cobray logo on the front edge of the magazine body by MAC workers. This proved to be quite expensive, and few were made.

During this period, CMP produced 40 and 10 round capacity magazines for the. Although they function satisfactorily, the locally manufactured magazines were of a lesser quality than the surplus GI grease gun magazines. CMP magazines were made from thinner gauge sheet metal and have stress lines on them from being formed on a mandrel; the finish was a dull blue. The followers of the magazines were also made of steel.

A magazine loader was available that was a scaled down version of the. The CMP magazines were marked with only a Cobray snake logo. The magazines were made in and round configurations. Other aftermarket magazines have been manufactured, but their quality and reliability varies, particularly when considered for use in a submachine gun. Recently manufactured aftermarket magazines often have cartridge followers made of plastic. This caused quite a bit of excitement back then, but the enthusiasm was short-lived.

After firing approximately 1, rounds from the magazines the lips would start to wear out and eventually could no longer contain the rounds inside the magazine. Another problem was that the two-piece magazine bodies were splitting apart where they were glued together. The feed lip problem has more recently been addressed by a company that manufactures stainless steel replacement feed lips for the Zytel magazines.MAC-Talk Forums. I have listed below a number of different M models. I have attempted to make the information as accurate as possible but this can be hard to do since there is so much misinformation out there.

I am sure I missed a model or two since so many were made. If you have information on a model I missed please let me know. NOTE: Some pictures of models have been generated by a computer so a axis pin hole might be in the wrong spot and are a result of the limited sample of Ms I had to work with. The M. Model 11 was the first M series gun produced and is quite the collector item today. Chambered in. M uses steel magazines in either 16 or 32 round capacity.

Compared to other Ms, the original M. A unique fact about the M. Since not to many of these were produced because M. Ms out there. When M. The company RPB R. Roby, C. Brueggemann Industries Incorporated purchased the majority of what was left of M. These frames had already been stamped by M.

Cobray Company

Compared to other Ms the RPB guns are generally of a higher quality. MA1 CAL. Because of lagging sales, RPB was on the verge of going under from finical problems.

In the late s Wayne Daniel purchased a large majority of the companies stock and started to produce semi-auto versions of the MA1.

By removing the collapsible stock and the ability to fire Full-Auto, the open bolt SMA1 became a Title 1 pistol and could be purchased by anyone.


These new semi versions of the M11 sold like hot cakes until the BATF intervened in because they felt these open bolt semi-auto copies could be converted to Full-Auto to easily. Luckily for owners of these semi-auto pistols all guns not modified on or produced before the ruling were grand fathered and not considered machine guns. Unlike most Ms it has no collapsible stock that extends from the butt of the weapon and only fires in semi-auto.

Because of this they command a good deal for a Title 1 pistol on the open market because MAC collectors are always on the look out for them.

Cobray logo towards rear of receiver. Serial Number starts with SAP semi auto pistol. The first of these was a slightly redesigned version of the original M that accepted a new lightweight polymer magazine made from Zytel.

The majority of reliability problems reported were because of the Zytel magazine and not the gun itself.Participation Requirements: Valid Credit Card required for bidding approval.

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The barrel is threaded for accessory mounting, with a swiveling black nylon foregrip immediately ahead of the frame.

Contoured grip with the Cobray logo on the back and a collapsing wire stock. Four extra magazines are included. Mechanically excellent. Chapter 44 and 27 CFR part Click here to see keyboard shortcuts.

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